New Music: Pageantry “Vicious Wishes”

Check out this groovy new track from Denton’s Pageantry. It’s called “Vicious Wishes” and it’s like Flaming Lips meet New Wave. Pretty freaking cool. It’s the lead track off of their upcoming EP, set for release on July 11 on Southern Heaven Records. The official release show will be at Dan’s Silver Leaf on July 16.



Top Records for May 2016

So….., May sees the return of my favorite band and one of my favorite young solo artists, and they dropped a couple of the best records of the year thus far, and even after that, there’s several other great records out this month, as well as a few highly anticipated local records. By all means, let’s do this.

1 Radiohead “A Moon Shaped Pool” 9.1
2 James Blake “the Colour in Anything” 8.7
3 Car Seat Headrest “Teens of Denial” 8.6
4 Anohni “Hopelessness” 8.4
5 the Hotelier “Goodness” 8.4
6 Chance the Rapper “Coloring Book” 8.4
7 Modern Baseball “Holy Ghost” 8.3
8 Hard Working Americans “Rest in Chaos” 8.3
9 Karl Blau “Introducing Karl Blau” 8.3
10 Quaker City Night Hawks “El Astronauta” 8.2
11 Jessy Lanza “Oh No” 8.2
12 Trashcan Sinatras “Wild Pendulum” 8.1
13 Daniel Markham “Disintegrator” 8.1
14 Andy Shauf “the Party” 8.1
15 Mudcrutch “2” 8.1
16 Kvelertak “Nattesferd” 8.1
17 Gregory Porter “Take Me to the Alley” 8.1
18 the So So Glos “Kamikaze” 8.1
19 Yak “Alas Salvation” 8.1
20 Big Thief “Masterpiece” 8.1
21 Flume “Skin” 8.1
22 Against the Current “In Our Bones” 8.1
23 Death Grips “Bottomless Pit” 8.1
24 Marissa Nadler “Strangers” 8

25 Kaytranada “99.9%” 8

I’ll see you next month with some more highly anticipated local records, hopefully. Happy listening.



Top Records for April 2016

Sticking to the 25 number from last month. Note that I haven’t heard Lemonade because it’s not on Spotify, and I’m not going to pay for another service just to hear one album, so when it shows up on Spotify in a few weeks, it’ll probably occupy a spot towards the top of this list. That being said, here are my top picks for April.

1 Sturgill Simpson “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” 8.6
2 the Gloaming “2” 8.4
3 Parquet Courts “Human Performance” 8.3
4 Lucy Dacus “No Burden” 8.3
5 Andrew Bird “Are You Serious” 8.3
6 Explosions in the Sky “the Wilderness” 8.2
7 Deakin “Sleep Cycle” 8.2
8 PJ Harvey “the Hope Six Demolition Project” 8.2
9 Sam Beam ft Jesca Hoop “Love Letter for Fire” 8.1
10 Robbie Fulks “Upland Stories” 8.1
11 Charles Bradley “Changes” 8.1
12 Black Mountain “IV” 8.1
13 the Jayhawks “Paging Mr Proust” 8
14 Peter Wolf “A Cure for Loneliness” 8
15 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard “Nonagon Infinity” 8
16 John Doe “the Westerner” 8
17 Teleman “Brilliant Sanity” 7.9
18 Teen Suicide “It’s the Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot” 7.9
19 Woods “City Sun Eater in the River of Light” 7.9
20 Kaitlin Aurelia Smith “EARS” 7.9
21 Niki and the Dove “Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now” 7.9
22 Wire “Nocturnal Koreans” 7.9
23 Bibio “A Mineral Love” 7.8
24 John Congleton and the Nighty Nite “Until the Horror Goes” 7.8
25 Bombino “Azel” 7.8


Top Records for March 2016

So, March had some really strong releases, including the surprise return of King Kendrick, the full maturation of one of the country’s top young songwriters, and a few strong returns from some of music’s biggest icons. Oh, and the excellent solo debut of what could be the newest country star. Also, like last month, I listened to a lot of stuff this month, so I think I’m going to expand the normal list to 25 this month.

1 Parker Millsap “the Very Last Day” 8.6
2 Kendrick Lamar “Untitled Unmastered” 8.5
3 Margo Price “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” 8.4
4 Ray Lamontagne “Ouroboros” 8.4
5 Richmond Fontaine “You Can’t Go Back if There’s Nothing to Go Back To” 8.3
6 the Range “Potential” 8.3
7 Iggy Pop “Post Pop Depression” 8.2
8 Loretta Lynn “Full Circle “8.2
9 Esperanza Spalding “Emily’s D+Evolution” 8.2
10 Bob Mould “Patch the Sky” 8.2
11 Damien Jurado “Visions of Us on the Land” 8.1
12 Steven James Adams “Old Magick” 8.1
13 Anna Meredith “Varmints” 8.1
14 Meilyr Jones “2013” 8.0
15 Mmoths “Lunkeworks” 8.0
16 Grant-Lee Phillips “the Narrows” 7.9
17 Thao & the Get Down Stay Down “A Man Alive” 7.9
18 the Coral “Distance Inbetween” 7.9
19 Robert Pollard “Of Course You Are” 7.8
20 Domo Genesis “Genesis” 7.8
21 Matt Corby “Telluric” 7.8
22 Lapsley “Long Way Home” 7.8
23 Sam Lao “SPCTRM” 7.8
24 Hightower “Echo Springs” 7.8
25 Polica “United Crushers” 7.7


BKA #TBT: Vodeo

TBT Update: Vodeo will be performing Saturday at the 35 Denton festival. You can also catch them later this month: 3/19 at Magnolia Motor Lounge and 3/25 at the Aardvark. They also finally have that stellar self-titled EP in hard copy form now, so grab that up too, while you’re there. Peace.


A recent discovery of mine, Vodeo, a Fort Worth quartet formerly known as Shake the Moon, have a sound that hearkens back to the Yacht rock sounds of Kenny Loggins and Hall and Oates. Their self-titled EP, produced by Taylor Tatsch, just dropped back in October, and it’s full of radio-ready goodness. It’s probably my favorite local EP of the year. The boys (frontman Jonathan Gehringer, bassist/vocalist Jacob Pullig, keyboardist/vocalist Drew Harakal, and drummer Jason Whorton) sat down to answer a few questions for us about whether or not they’ve invested in that first yacht yet (or maybe just the same old questions I ask everyone).

Author’s Note: Just caught these guys live, and they’re pretty much a must see, if only to hear the sick grooves that Jacob Pullig is laying down while watching the pure satisfaction that Jacob Pullig is feeling at the sick grooves he’s laying down. Pretty entertaining. High five, Jacob!

Me: For starters, tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get into music? And when did you know this is what you want to do for a living (money be damned)?

JP: We had been in several different bands over the years. Jon, Jason and I all went to the same school, but didn’t play together until later on. We joined as a band a couple years ago. We started off as just Jon, myself, and a drummer. We wrote a couple songs and played out a bit. We eventually picked up a keys/synth player along the way to smooth shit out, Drew Harakal, and my good friend of 10 years Jason Whorton when our Craigslist drummer bailed…good ole Craigslist.

JG: Second part of that question is a little tough. It’s just what we do. I personally love it because it’s a great way to express yourself. If you can connect to one person, that’s all that really matters. From the too-drunk 50-something at the club, to the shy kid in the corner, punkers, frat kids, skeezers… you’ve got to entertain. You’ve got to connect by any means necessary. (Short answer: Hanson “Mmbop”)

Me: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

JP: Boz Skaggs, Ambrosia, Alan Parsons, Kenny Loggins, Darrell Hall and John Oates all boned and had a P-Funk baby, LOL, another thing that’s really hard to explain/describe. The term Yacht Rock keeps on being thrown around town. We don’t quite understand it. We don’t even own dinghies.

Me: Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and why?

JW: Todd Rundgren, Curtis Mayfield, Hall and Oates, George Clinton and the P-Funk, to Harry Nilsson, Glen Campbell, Paul McCartney & Wings, could go on for about 2 days on this, really anything that comes across sincere and honest.

Me: Which of your songs means the most ot you, and if you don’t mind me asking, why?

JP: Tough one, probably “Pillow Talking”. It’s a song I demoed out before conception of the band. It’s kinda one of those “Ugh, I’m fed up with growing up” songs when you look at it. “Trading pens and pencils for bayonets”, dropping out of a rat race and playing war games and being a dirt bag Lord of the Flies style, with a touch of (aye girl, eyebrow raise and wink wink) lust.

Me: If you could open for any act, dead or alive, who would it be, and why?

JW: Foreigner, summer of 1978. Duh…

Me: Any favorite new musical acts, local or otherwise?

JP: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

JG: Portugal. the Man

DH: Snarky Puppy

JW: Tame Impala

Me: What’s your “stranded on an island” record?

JG: Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti

JP: Ned Doheny’s Hard Candy

DH: Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything

JW: the Beatles’ White Album

Me: Moving onto the home front, what are your favorite (and least favorite) things about the DFW music scene?

DH: Ha! I really don’t want to answer because I don’t want to make people hate me. My favorite part of the scene is how much support and response we’ve gotten from our peers on how we stand out a bit from the rest of the scene, musically. The least favorite is that the biggest market in DFW still seems to be for cover bands locally, or larger regional/national acts.

Me: Favorite DFW venue to play (or see a show). Why?

DH: I’m a huge fan of Magnolia Motor Lounge. They have a bit of a built in crowd, but they are constantly trying new things with different genres other than what they’ve been known for (Americana and Country). I have to give a shout out to Wayside Ballroom as well. It’s definitely one of my new favorites.

Me: Any favorite local acts people should be looking out for?

DH: Criminal Birds from Denton, TX. I know they’re gearing up to go record again, but they’ve got 2 EP’s already out that are some of the best from the DFW scene that I’ve seen in the past few years.

JP: the Hendersons from Fort Worth, TX. Nolan Robertson’s song smithing and voice are something that kinda blew me back first time I heard it. I hear (shh shh) they are working up some stuff with a prominent producer/artist out of state. You’ll def be hearing some stuff from them in the future.

JW: Leon Bridges….duh.

JG: Trái Bơ from Fort Worth, TX. They are truly one of the most interesting and melodic bands in the hometown. Their first album is full of earworms.

Me: And for shits and giggle, what’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

JG: I clock in about 30 hrs on average a week in Madden.

DH: I’m an ordained minister, and have officiated weddings before.

JW: I’ve recently started a podcast for fun with a buddy, called the “Primal Vision Podcast”. We talk mostly around music and entertainment.

JP: I binge watched all 11 seasons of Cheers

A big thanks to Vodeo for taking time out to give us the first full band interview in this feature. Check them out at a gig near you when you get the chance, and I guess if you’re getting married and need an officiant, give Drew a call. Check out Vodeo’s new self-titled EP below.

Top Records for February 2016

Alright, after a really weak start to the month of February, this week’s releases finally evened out the list a little bit. I listened to a lot of stuff this month, trying to find something to get way up there, so some decent ones that might have made other months lists won’t make this one. Also, new records from Lucinda Williams and the 1975 are not available on Spotify, and thus I haven’t heard them yet. They may get added in later. With no further ado, here are my top albums of February 2016.

1 Bonnie Raitt “Dig in Deep” 8.3
2 James Hunter Six “Hold On!” 8.2
3 School of Seven Bells “SVIIB” 8.1
4 Quilt “Plaza” 8.1
5 Mothers “When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired” 8.0
6 Steve Mason “Meet the Humans” 8.0
7 Elliott Smith “Heaven Adores You (Soundtrack)” 8.0
8 King “We Are King” 8.0
9 Basia Bulat “Good Advice” 7.8
10 Beacon “Escapements” 7.8
11 Mavis Staples “Livin’ On A High Note” 7.8
12 Field Music “Commontime” 7.8
13 Keegan McInroe “Uncouth Pilgrims” 7.8
14 Emma Pollock “In Search of Harperfield” 7.8
15 Waco Brothers “Going Down in History” 7.8
16 BJ the Chicago Kid “In My Mind” 7.8
17 Andrew Weatherall “Convenanza” 7.8
18 Wild Nothing “Life of Pause” 7.7
19 Mount Moriah “How to Dance” 7.7
20 Luke McGlathery “Life Ain’t Hard” 7.7


Top Records for January 2016

New year, new me, and all that jazz. Look, I managed to compile a top 20 list again this month. A few days, late, but whatever, back up off me. No further delay, here are my top records (with scores) for January 2016.

1 Savages “Adore Life” 8.6
2 David Bowie “Blackstar” 8.5
3 Milk Teeth “Vile Child” 8.4
4 Shearwater “Jet Plane and Oxbox” 8.3
5 Emily Wells “Promise” 8.3
6 Anderson .Paak “Malibu” 8.3
7 Jacob Metcalf “Fjord” 8.2
8 Tindersticks “the Waiting Room” 8.2
9 Eleanor Friedberger “New View” 8.2
10 Cactus Blossoms “You’re Dreaming” 8.1
11 Tedeschi Trucks Band “Let Me Get By” 8.0
12 Adrian Younge “Something About April II” 7.9
13 Saul Williams “MartyrLoserKing” 7.9
14 Night Beats “Who Sold My Generation” 7.8
15 Sea Pinks “Soft Days” 7.8
16 War Party “To Love and Fear It” 7.8
17 Half Japanese “Perfect” 7.7
18 Ron Pope and the Nighthawks “Ron Pope and the Nighthawks” 7.7
19 MONEY “Suicide Songs” 7.7
20 De Rosa “Weem” 7.7