Andrew Bird “Echolocations: Canyon” (Film)

Andrew Bird has just released the short film “Echolocations: Canyon”, the first in a five part series of short films featuring site inspired compositions performed by Bird and filmed by Tyler Manson in various natural and urban environments.
The series will feature:

Bird says:
“Ever since I was a child, I would test different spaces with my voice or whistle or violin. Whatever sound you make, it’s like a giant limb that can reach beyond your fingers and grope the corners of the room. Now when I’m on tour playing a different theater every night, we “tune” the room, hunting down the bass traps and the standing waves to give the listener the most even and wide spectrum of sound. There are certain frequencies that resonate while others are lifeless. Sometimes, the room refuses to yield and I have to consider playing different songs that will work in that room. It’s a challenge, but I enjoy the moments when I must yield to the environment. So I thought it would be interesting to take all this outside where the reflections off the landscape are triggering countless inferences and steering the conversation.”

The new composition will be featured in Bird and Ian Schneller’s “Sonic Arboretum” at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston from Feb 4-May 10. For more information, visit

Watch “Echolocations: Canyon”