New Music: Pageantry “Vicious Wishes”

Check out this groovy new track from Denton’s Pageantry. It’s called “Vicious Wishes” and it’s like Flaming Lips meet New Wave. Pretty freaking cool. It’s the lead track off of their upcoming EP, set for release on July 11 on Southern Heaven Records. The official release show will be at Dan’s Silver Leaf on July 16.



Better Know an Artist (Vol 22): VVOES

VVOES is a Fort Worth based band made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Elijah Wichryk, lead guitarist Rene Floyd, drummer Ricky Williford and bass player Tyler Moore. The band started as kind of a joke band called ill smiths, but when people started taking them seriously and then expecting them to play sets of Smiths covers, they decided to go with a proper name. Anyways, their debut EP drops soon, and they’re playing around town pretty regularly, so get out and say hi to them. The guys sat down for the usual questions and this is how it went down.

Me: For starters, tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get into music? And when did you know this is what you want to do for a living (money be damned)?

RW: I used to sing with my mom all the time, but by the time I was in Junior High, it was decided.

RF: I started playing guitar because I broke my finger and needed an outlet for my boredom. I was also a band nerd. I played trombone and was a drum major. I have learned that no matter what I do – I will always play music. I found that out about 5 years ago.

EW: I played around on piano and keyboards as a kid and got my first guitar at age 16. Music is my drug and I want to be in and around it until I’m dead.

TM: I started by playing upright bass in jazz band in high school. Once I had gone on my first tour I was hooked and immediately knew I would always play music in some aspect for the rest of my life.

Me: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

RW: Uhhh, dreamy Cheap Trick?

RF: We are calling it scuzz-pop or surf-gaze. It’s shoegaze inspired pop.

EW: Happy melodies with sad lyrics, with the reverb on 10.

TM: “Yes sir, you in the back. What’s that? You said you like being sad and listening to bands from 25 years ago? Well, this song’s for you.”

Me: Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and why?

RW: Nirvana and the Melvins. Something about those bands always stuck with me. Best drummers of my generation.

RF: Nirvana is the reason I play guitar. My influences are wide ranging, but for this project, I like to listen to Wavves, Best Coast, and My Bloody Valentine for inspiration.

EW: the Smiths, the National, Beach House, Vivian Girls, Tame Impala, Stax Records.

TM: Joe Lally for showing how to not overplay. Dave Brubeck’s arrangements. Paul Westerberg’s songs about other musicians, for a good dose of awareness as a musician. Peter Hook’s chops and melody. Mike Watt’s vision.

Me: Which of your songs means the most ot you, and if you don’t mind me asking, why?

RW: I really like “Arsonist of Hearts”. Has all the elements of a pop song, without coming off as corny.

RF: I really like when we play “Who Do You Know” Besides being a great song, it’s chill enough for us to listen to one another and create a nice dreamy soundscape.

EW: They are all personal in some way, but I like lyrics that are vague and open enough to apply to different situations. My favorites to play will depend on how I’m feeling at any given moment. “Who Do You Know” always feels good. I’m most into two new ones that we haven’t recorded yet.

TM: “Arsonist of Hearts”, ’cause it’s real fun to play.

Me: If you could open for any act, dead or alive, who would it be, and why?

RW: Thin Lizzy. No explanation necessary.

RF: Probably Nirvana – We may not have been an even match, but I was too young to attend a Nirvana show when they were playing.

EW: Tame Impala, the National, Alvvays, BRONCHO, the Smiths

TM: Cheap Trick, Richard Pryor, Harry Houdini triple bill. You like showbiz, right? Well, you got three generations in one night at the Staples Center right there, buddy.

Me: Any favorite new musical acts, local or otherwise?

RW: UMO is pretty new to me, and sick as hell. I wouldn’t call teenagesexxx local, but these boys from Waco are killin it.

RF: Whitney out of the Chicago area is my new favorite band. Local – Pearl Earl

EW: I’ve mostly been listening to a bunch of trap, rap and slow/dark/hazy electronic, and then favorites that aren’t new, but Spooky Black, Girls’ Names, Dawn Golden are a few.

TM: Protomartyr is going to be huge. My dudes in Pujol from Nashville are great. My buddies Andy Pickett and Jake Paleschic from the neighborhood both have just come out with superb new records.

Me: What’s your “stranded on an island” record?

RW: QOTSA’s Songs for the Deaf

RF: Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm

EW: I’m bad at decisions… The National’s High Violet

TM: Miles Davis’ Bitches’ Brew

Me: Moving onto the home front, what are your favorite (and least favorite) things about the DFW music scene?

RW: The way bands really support one another. It’s a network of really good hearted individuals.

RF: Favorite: the fact that any given night you can see world class bands without really trying. Fort Worth has some of the best bands around and hardly anyone knows. Least Favorite: Fort Worth has some of the best bands around hardly anyone knows. (Editor’s Note: I see what you did there.)

EW: I focus on the positives. The good energy and encouragement from local musicians and that there are so many venues to play at. There’s no hate in my blood.

TM: Favs: my friends. Least favorite: my friends

Me: Favorite DFW venue to play (or see a show). Why?

RW: Really stoked about the Under Where. It’s the sequel to the Wherehouse that touched all of our hearts the last couple years.

RF: Doublewide – Yoohoo Yeehaw

EW: I’m still bad at decisions… I’ve seen so many great shows at Trees and Three Links. 1912 in Ft Worth because it feels like being in a Nicolas Winding Refn movie. The Boiled Owl, because it feels like home.

TM: Three Links Deep Ellum. Best staff, best sound.

Me: Any favorite local acts people should be looking out for?

RW: Teenagesexxx and the Loafers have new albums out on Dreamylife! As well as Andy Pickett! Damn fine music.

RF: If you are into the blues, catch John Zaskoda whenever you can. He’s one of the best guitar players I have ever seen. I also really like Sealion, War Party, and Pearl Earl.

EW: Field Guide rules. I really feel Honor System, War Party and Rat Rios too. Pageantry is moving into a new level, definitely catch them if you can.

TM: Loafers and Teenage Sexx. Both Waco ex-patriates. I’m still bummed they moved to Dallas and not Fort Worth.

Me: And for shits and giggle, what’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

RW: I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies.

RF: I lived in Alaska for 4 years.

EW: I just learned something about Rene. Thanks, Asa’s Records! I lived in Japan for 4 years. Ante up.

TM: I can’t stop watching Air Disasters on Netflix.

Much thanks to VVOES for taking the time. You can catch them laying down grooves for all your chilling needs around town. Their new EP will be available soon, but for now, here’s some of their demo tracks from their time under the ill smiths moniker.



Top Shows Coming to Town for 12/11/15-12/17/15

So I think I’m mostly caught up again. Like I said last week, these end of year weeks are probably going to be a little thin. I think Polyphonic Spree may be the first local “band” to take the top slot (Leon’s been there a couple times).

1 Polyphonic Spree Holiday Extravaganza @ Majestic Theatre (Dallas) Sat 12/12/15

I still haven’t made it out to one of these. I bought tickets for this year, but then realized it was the same day we’re taking Asa on the North Pole Express in Grapevine, so I’m missing it again this year. The Spree generally do a holiday set and a traditional set at this show and it always features some family friendly guests. True all ages rock shows make me smile. They also take donations for the North Texas Food Bank and Toys for Tots. I’m gonna make it out one of these years.

2 Fall Out Boy w/ James Bay and George Ezra @ South Side Ballroom (Dallas) Tues 12/15/15

That one band that killed emo for all of us is in town, playing some song that’s catchy af and will be in your head the rest of the week. They’re bringing along a couple of rising stars in James Bay and George Ezra.

3 Wild Child w/ Telegraph Canyon and Criminal Birds @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Fri 12/11/15

Austin’s Wild Child are a band worthy of their considerable buzz the last few years. Their national tour brings them back through Dallas with local favorites, Telegraph Canyon and Criminal Birds.

4 Lucero @ South Side Music Hall (Dallas) Sun 12/13/15

A Southern Rock band with a bit of a cult following, Lucero makes one of their regular Dallas stops at the South Side Music Hall this week.

5 the Brian Setzer Orchestra @ Allen Event Center (Allen) Fri 12/11/15

The 2nd Holiday Show on the list this week, the former Stray Cats frontman will have you Jumpin’ and Jivin’ to the holiday hits in style.

6 Wade Bowen @ Billy Bob’s (Fort Worth) Sat 12/12/15

A little Red Dirt Country in Cowtown, because why not?

7 !!! @ Dada Dallas (Deep Ellum) Fri 12/11/15

The world’s most un-google-able band (even more so than Girls) takes the stage in Deep Ellum. The art-rockers are known for their live shows, so it should be a good one.

8 the Grotto’s 7th Anniversary Birthday Bash @ the Grotto (Fort Worth) Sat 12/12/15

The Grotto celebrates its birthday in style with several local favorites. Prophets of Rage (Rage Against the Machine tribute), the Hanna Barbarians, Mountain Kid, Vodeo and Hightower are all slated to appear and there are supposed to be “a few surprises” as well.

9 Dead Kennedys @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill (Dallas) Fri 12/11/15

Punk rock royalty, but without Jello Biafra, so they end up this far down.

10 (hed)P.E. & Alien Ant Farm @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Tues 12/15/15

Look, you guys, it’s some “meh” bands from my college days.

Also in town this week:
Fri 12/11/15
Jacob Furr @ Live Oak Lounge
Legacy 4 @ Magnolia
Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward @ Sundown at Granada
Kim Walker-Smith @ Verizon Theatre
Dom Kennedy @ South Side Music Hall
Mike Ryan @ Billy Bob’s
the Infamists w/ the Wheel Workers, Tungsten Wake & Mammal Virus @ Lola’s
the Milk Carton Kids @ Majestic Theatre
Reckless Kelly w/ Ruby Jane @ the Kessler
the Raven Charter w/ Distant Lights, Aaron Pose, Betray the Dreamer, Sound of Sirens @ Prophet Bar
A Merry Little Christmas Show w/ Ricki Derek @ Scat Jazz Lounge
the Satans of Soft Rock w/ the Speedlights & Fishboy @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Skinny Cooks @ Harvest House
My Jerusalem @ Double Wide
Obie Trice @ the Grotto

Sat 12/12/15
the Unlikely Candidates @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
Lee Brice, Tyler Farr, Dan + Shay, Canaan Smith, & Jamie Lynn Spears @ Verizon Theatre
Charlie Ramos @ Live Oak Lounge
Daniel Markham Does Neil Young @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Savage and the Big Beat w/ Landrest, Switchblade Razors, & Turtle Rush @ Rubber Gloves
Slimshine Brown w/ Ghosts of November, the Robot Bonfire, & Picnic, Lightning @ Lola’s
Parker McCollum w/ Blue Highway Band @ Magnolia
Ricki Derek @ Granada Theater
A Live One (Phish Tribute) @ Sundown at Granada
Mr Gnome @ Dada Dallas
Hot Club of Cowtown @ Live Oak
the Beat Dolls w/ How’s My Driving, Primo Slam, the Buzzkills & Hate Your Friends @ 1912 Club
DDFW Master of the Mic @ Trees
Raised Right Men w/ Mike Stinson @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Gary Wilson & the Blind Dates @ Double Wide

Sun 12/13/15
Animal Spirit w/ Roar Shack, Cleanup & Tornup @ the Grotto
Kenny Uptain @Live Oak Lounge
Jay B and the Zydeco Posse @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Kirk Franklin Gospel Brunch @ House of Blues
Willow James w/ Wade McGee, Patrick Kinsley & Zachariah Red @ Lola’s
TC Fambro @ Magnolia
School of Rock @ House of Blues
Bradley Hathaway w/ Least of These & the Red Door @ the Door

Mon 12/14/15
Open Mic Night with Luke McGlathery @ Lola’s
Jody Jones Songwriting Showcase @ Magnolia
Psychomagic w/ Pearl Earl & William Austin Clay @ Rubber Gloves
Bell Witch @ Double Wide

Tues 12/15/15
Torquila Tuesday: Quaker City Night Hawks @ Lola’s
Cody Culberson @ Live Oak Lounge
Matt Tedder @ Magnolia
10 String Symphony @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Rack Focus Dallas Film Competition @ Granada Theater
Linear Downfall @ Double Wide

Weds 12/16/15
Bobby Duncan @ Live Oak Lounge
Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle + Serengeti) & Doc Illingsworth @ Dada Dallas
Jacob Furr @ Magnolia
Chris Luther & Blake Parish @ Lola’s
Saviours & the Roller @ Three Links
Burn Halo & Black Tide @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill

Thurs 12/17/15
Greg Schroeder @ Live Oak Lounge
Lannie Flowers Band w/ Carey Wolff @ Live Oak
Boxcar Bandits @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Mike Dillon @ Sundown at Granada
Stewart Mann w/ Statesboro Revue @ Billy Bob’s
Ryan Tharp @ Magnolia
Charles Kelley w/ Maren Morris @ House of Blues
Girl in a Coma w/ Lonely Horse @ Dada Dallas

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!

Top Shows Coming to Town for 11/27/15-12/3/15

I tried to pop this out at the last second on Wednesday, but couldn’t get it finished on time. Hope everyone had a great time with their families for Thanksgiving. I still haven’t had time to update my spreadsheet recently so I’m sure I’m probably missing stuff at this point. Hopefully, I can get my spreadsheet updated again soon after the holidays. Have fun with your Christmas rush, and get out and see some shows.

1 Willie Nelson @ Billy Bob’s (Fort Worth) Sat 11/28/15

Ok, it’s gonna be pretty hard to keep Willie out of the top spot when he’s in town. He’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time, one of the most beloved Texans of all time, and possibly the one seed in that age old question “guy you’d most like to have a beer (or a joint) with”. Pure legend.

2 Muse w/ Phantogram @ American Airlines Center (Dallas) Weds 12/2/15

Some of you may have jumped ship when these Brits were Stephenie Meyer’s idols and contributed to every Twilight film. Muse is apparently true to their name for Little Miss Twilight. That being said, they’re still some of the most energetic performers you’ll see among this generation’s bands, and they still play those tracks you love from back in the day. Besides, you haven’t lived if you haven’t seen Muse play “Knights of Cydonia” live.

3 Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox @ Bomb Factory (Deep Ellum) Thurs 12/3/15

Man, I’m really stacking up my nerd points today. I kinda enjoy what Postmodern Jukebox does giving a super old school twist on modern hits. I might have tried to go to this, if I didn’t already have a busy week.

4 Azealia Banks @ House of Blues (Dallas) Sat 11/28/15

Not sure this Harlem raised rapper has really lived up to the hype. Who knows, maybe she’ll start a new Twitter beef during the show, or maybe Ms. Erykah Badu will come settle their Twitter beef on stage. That could be entertaining.

5 Jingle Ball @ American Airlines Center (Dallas) Tues 12/2/15

I guess at some point, I have to reference this s— show that’s probably the hottest ticket in town. One Direction, Calvin Harris, Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ellie Goulding, Zedd, Shawn Mendes, Tove Lo, Charlie Puth, DNCE will have your tween daughters totally losing their s—. Make sure to pack some headphones.

6 Big K.R.I.T. w/ BJ the Chicago Kid @ the Bomb Factory (Deep Ellum) Fri 11/27/15

(K)ritically acclaimed Mississippi raper, Big K.R.I.T. makes a stop in the big D.

7 Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat w/ Charley Crockett @ the Kessler (Oak Cliff) Sat 11/28/15

One of the greatest living guitarists, Jim Suhler (George Thorogood & the Destroyers), takes the stage, following an opening set by one of my favorite cats, Charley Crockett.

8 Jennifer Nettles w/ Brandy Clark & Ryan Kinder @ House of Blues (Dallas) Thurs 12/3/15

Best known as the frontwoman for Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles returns to Dallas with talented Country songwriters, Brandy Clark & Ryan Kinder.

9 the Band of Heathens w/ Wesley Geiger @ Granada Theater (Lower Greenville) Fri 11/27/15

One of Austin’s most revered rock and roll bands makes the trek up 35 to Granada. Wesley Geiger opens.

10 Dead Flowers w/ Goodnight Ned, Hell Texas & the Van Sanchez @ Three Links (Deep Ellum) Sat 11/28/15

This is a pretty sweet lineup of local favorites. Check it out if you’re in that neck of the woods.

Also in town this week:
Fri 11/27/15
Cole Swindell w/ Adam Sanders @ Billy Bob’s
Blue October @ South Side Ballroom
the Hendersons w/ Matt Tedder and Special Guest Lou Quaid @ the Grotto
Soundclash: Pablo and the Hemphill 7 w/ Darth Vato and Sally Majestic @ Lola’s
Possessed By Paul James w/ Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts w/ Melissa Ratley @ Shipping & Receiving
King Bucks w/ the Honky Tonkers @ Adair’s
Dalton Domino w/ Austin Meade @ Magnolia
Cody Culberson @ Live Oak Roof Top
Bill Kirchen @ Live Oak
JB & the Moonshine Band w/ Curtis Grimes @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
Denton Comedy Collective @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio
Stage Fright: Bar Band Does the Band @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
Monte Montgomery @ the Kessler
the Tonemasters @ Keys Lounge
Bobby Sessions w/ the High Standard Family & Justus @ Trees
the Chris Milyo Band @ Scat Jazz Lounge

Sat 11/28/15
Vodeo w/ Arenda Light @ Shipping & Receiving
Spoonfed Tribe @ Trees
Rock Lottery @ Dan’s Silver Leaf
These Machines are Winning w/ True Widow & Megafauna @ Granada Theater
Mike McClure Band @ Sundown at Granada
ZUMA (Big Mike Does Neil Young) @ Magnolia
Tejas Brothers @ Live Oak
Acacia Strain w/ Counterparts @ Gas Monkey BnG
Sleepin’ Rattlers w/ the Honky Tonkers @ Adair’s
Texas Flood (SRV Tribute) @ Keys Lounge
Larry Braggs @ Scat Jazz Lounge

Sun 11/29/15
Kenny Uptain @ Live Oak Roof Top
Jeezy w/ Trapboy Freddy @ Gas Monkey Live!
D.R.I. w/ Protest, Exploder, & Chemicaust @ Trees
Standard Transmission @ Lola’s
Parkway Drive @ House of Blues
Carmen’s…Everyone Can Sing With the Band @ Adair’s
TC Fambro @ Magnolia
Black Dog Jazz Jam @ Scat Jazz Lounge

Mon 11/30/15
Gary P Nunn @ Billy Bob’s
Marc Cohn @ the Kessler
10 Years w/ Spoken, Skytown Riot & Serosia @ Trees
Open Mic Night w/ Luke McGlathery @ Lola’s
Sugarfoote w/ Brian Lambert @ Adair’s Dallas
Jody Jones Songwriting Showcase @ Magnolia
the Interruptors w/ Rude King & Revolucion Oi @ Three Links

Tues 12/1/15
Through the Roots w/ Maoli @ Gas Monkey Bar N Grill

Weds 12/2/15
David Bromberg Quintet @ Granada Theater
Tesseract w/ the Contortionist, Erra, & Skyharbor @ Trees
Greg Trooper @ Live Oak
Kenny Uptain @ Lola’s
Darwin Deez w/ Charly Bliss @ Three Links

Thurs 12/3/15
Pale Dian w/ Ill Smiths & Honor System @ Lola’s
Digitour Slaybells Fire @ Granada Theater
Jonny Burke @ Sundown at Granada
Juan Gabriel @ American Airlines Center
Ryan Tharp @ Magnolia

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!

Discovery of the Day (11/16)

It’s a rainy day here in North Texas, so here’s a nice relaxed, mesmerizing track from Australian singer-songwriter, Emma Louise. “Underflow” is a perfect song to listen to, while you watch the rain droplets run down your window (I mean, if you don’t have an Adele record laying around, anyway).

Emma Louise “Underflow”

Top Shows Coming to Town for 11/6/15-11/12/15

I finally got my concert spreadsheet loaded. Forget you, Pollstar. If I missed something big, let me know. I may have left a venue off of my list.

1 Gogol Bordello w/ Antemasque @ Bomb Factory (Deep Ellum) Sun 11/8/15

These gypsy punks know how to put on a hell of a show, plus At the Drive-in/Mars Volta buddies Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s new project, Antemasque, with Travis Barker sitting in on drums.

2 James McMurtry w/ Eric Tessmer Band @ Granada Theater (Lower Greenville) Sat 11/7/15

One of Texas’s greatest songwriters, Larry McMurtry’s son is back in support of critically acclaimed 2015 release (and Album of the Week) A Complicated Game.

3 Cheap Trick w/ Ian Moore & the American Fuse @ Bomb Factory (Deep Ellum) Sat 11/7/15

I want you to want this to be Budokan. *Shrugs* I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.

4 Heartless Bastards w/ Blue Healer & Gollay @ Shipping & Receiving (Fort Worth) Fri 11/6/15

Erika Wennerstrom and the gang are back with support from Austin’s Blue Healer (Leon Bridges’ favorite band) & local favorite, Gollay.

5 Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear @ the Kessler (Oak Cliff) Fri 11/6/15

Madisen Ward and his mother make some beautiful folk/roots music. “Silent Movies” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. Been getting a few others stuck in my head as I prepare to head out to this show. See you there.

6 Jane’s Addiction @ Gas Monkey (Dallas) Fri 11/6/15

See what Jane has to say when Perry Farrell and the boys hit Big D this weekend.

7 Desaparecidos w/ So So Glos @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Fri 11/6/15

Conor Oberst’s long-separated group has reunited and comes through Dallas with indie darlings, the So So Glos.

8 Zac Brown Band w/ Drake White & the Big Fire @ Gexa Energy Pavilion (Dallas) Fri 11/6/15

Go have some chicken fried steak and go see Zac Brown Band. Sounds like a night to me.

9 Youth Lagoon w/ Moon King & Rat Rios @ Dada Dallas (Deep Ellum) Tues 11/10/15

Trevor Powers in all his solemn chillness arrives in Deep Ellum.

10 Ray Wylie Hubbard @ the Live Oak (Fort Worth) Thurs 11/12/15

Another legendary Texas songwriter takes the stage this week at the Live Oak.

Also in town this week: 11/6 the Robert Cray Band @ Majestic Theatre; Fort Worth Rock Assembly (11/6-8) ft Big Mike, Un Chien, Vodeo, Dead Mockingbirds, Taylor Craig Mills, Moon Waves, Igneous Grimm, and more @ Lola’s; Cody Canada & the Departed w/ Johnny Burke & Vern Stomper @ Granada Theater; Jerrod Niemann @ Billy Bob’s; Buddy Whittington @ Keys Lounge; Holy Moly w/ Collin Herring & Bonnie Whitmore @ Live Oak; 11/7 Hudson Mohawke w/ the Dream @ South Side Music Hall; Lagwagon w/ Pears & Runaway Kids @ Dada; Lewis Black @ Majestic Theatre; Aaron Lewis @ Billy Bob’s; 11/7 Stardeath & White Dwarfs w/ Igneous Grimm & Kites + Boomerangs @ the Grotto; Straight No Chaser @ McFarlin Auditorium; Mike and the Moonpies @ Dan’s Silverleaf; Skinny Puppy w/ Youth Code @ Gas Monkey Live; Dave & Phil Alvin w/ the Guilty Ones @ the Kessler; Raheem DeVaughn w/ Leela James @ House of Blues; Petty Theft @ Keys Lounge; Frontier Ruckus w/ Jared & the Mill @ the Prophet Bar; Peaches w/ Christeene @ Trees; Andy Pickett @ Republic Street Bar 11/8 Girlpool w/ Dripping Wet & the Single Issues @ Rubber Gloves; La Dispute w/ Envy & Wildhoney @ the Prophet Bar; the Psychedelic Furs w/ Max and the Moon @ House of Blues; Kenny Uptain & Sam Anderson @ Live Oak Roof Top; 11/9 X Ambassadors w/ Skylar Grey & Kevin Garrett (11/9&10) @ House of Blues; Born Ruffians w/ Young Rival @ Dada; Modern Baseball w/ Tiny Moving Parts, Jeff Rosenstock & Pup @ Trees; 11/11 Falling in Reverse w/ Attila, Metro Station & Assuming We Survive @ House of Blues; 11/12 Reverend Horton Heat w/ Leftover Crack, Agnostic Front, the Bronx, Mariachi El Bronx, the Briefs & Lower Class Brats @ Bomb Factory; America’s Got Talent Live ft. Emily West & Taylor Williamson @ Verizon Theatre; Maudlin Strangers w/ Strange Names & the Unlikely Candidates @ Dada; the Wonder Years w/ Motion City Soundtrack @ House of Blues.

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!

Top Shows Coming to Town for 6/26/15-7/2/15

This is a pretty slow week of shows. I went with the national act over the Texas act for #1, but that was pretty much the only reason. 2 of my favorite bandleaders. #2 is free, though.

1 Heartless Bastards @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Thurs 7/2/15

One of rock music’s most dynamic female vocalists, Erika Wennerstrom, heads up this indie powerhouse.

2 Black Joe Lewis @ Bar Louie (Fort Worth) Fri 6/26/15

One of the artists I’ve seen the most in my lifetime. One of my favorite Texas-based artists. This is a free show in a series curated by Good Records.

3 Kings of the Mic @ Gexa Energy Pavilion (Dallas) Fri 6/26/15

If you like old school Hip Hop, this is pretty tight. LL Cool J, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E Fresh, Sugarhill Gang, Furious Five and DJ Jazzy Jeff are among the featured performers.

4 Blonde Redhead @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Weds 7/1/15

Trees heard that I have a tendency to get Blonde Redhead and Heartless Bastards mixed up, and decided to book them back to back. They’re not especially similar, but they were both discoveries at my first ACL with females involved, so, whatever.

5 Larry (g)EE @ Levitt Pavilion (Arlington) Fri 6/26/15

I’m probably going to try to make it out to this freebie. 2 freebies in the top 5 (this one’s more family friendly). Larry is a local neo-soul artist who’s really, really good. Come on out with us.

6 the Appleseed Cast @ Dan’s Silverleaf (Denton) Fri 6/26/15

It seems like there’s been a lot of acts coming through lately that I got into when I first started listening to indie rock. This is one of those acts.

7 Vans Warped Tour @ Gexa Energy Pavilion (Dallas) Sat 6/27/15

They seem to have finally decided not to have Warped Tour in Texas in late July/early August. Um, I’m familiar with maybe, 5 or 6 groups in this lineup, but I know it’s a big deal for those that go, b/c I used to be one of them. Have fun and stay hydrated.

8 Michael McDonald @ Celebration Park (Allen) Sat 6/27/15

This just makes me think of 40 year old virgin. Hah.

9 Little Hurricane @ House of Blues (Dallas) Tues 6/30/15

This San Diego group is yet another ACL discovery for me.

10 Qbert and Kool Keith @ Trees (Deep Ellum) Sat 6/27/15

I guess you can just have yourself a classic hip hop kinda weekend.

Also in town this week: 6/26 Guy Forsyth @ Live Oak Music Hall, the Great Divide and Cooder Graw @ Billy Bob’s, Johnnyswim @ House of Blues, Sage Francis @ Dada; 6/27 Doug Burr @ Dada, Mingo Fishtrap @ Gas Monkey; 6/28 Lenka @ House of Blues, Glenn Miller Orchestra @ Levitt Pavilion; 6/30 mewithoutyou @ Dada, A.A. Bondy @ Three Links, the Picturebooks @ the Prophet Bar; 7/2 Statesboro Revue @ Levitt Pavilion

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!