Discovery of the Day (11/16)

It’s a rainy day here in North Texas, so here’s a nice relaxed, mesmerizing track from Australian singer-songwriter, Emma Louise. “Underflow” is a perfect song to listen to, while you watch the rain droplets run down your window (I mean, if you don’t have an Adele record laying around, anyway).

Emma Louise “Underflow”


Discovery of the Day (11/15)

Got a nice little chill song today, so if you’re not in smashmouth football mode today, kick back your feet and hang out with Sydney’s Caleb Jacobs (the Cathy’s), under the name Plum, and today’s Shoegaze track, “Reveal”.

Plum “Reveal”

Music Discovery of the Day for 4/17/15

Today’s Discovery for Friday, April 17 is a trippy little synth track. PINES is a brand new electronic duo out of Adelaide, Australia. They released their first single “All You Need” with little fanfare to SoundCloud sometime last week, and it’s getting rave reviews. The track has a hazy, wonky approach and features some trippy auto-tuned vocals. Not much is known about this duo (Adam Dormand and James Kenneally) as of yet, but rest assured, you’ll be hearing from them soon enough. Check out “All You Need” below.

Listen: PINES “All You Need”

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!

Top Record for the Week of 3/24/15

It’s beginning to look like 2015 is going to be the year of great storytelling albums. With excellent output from incredible musical storytellers like Father John Misty, Larry McMurtry, and, hell, even Kendrick, the storytellers are really letting their stories be heard this year. And, as far as storytelling musicians go, I don’t know that there’s any I appreciate more than this week’s pick:

Courtney Barnett “Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit”

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Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett is just starting to make a name for herself. She burst onto the scene around the end of 2013 with a couple singles, “Avant Gardener”, and “History Eraser”, and then released a pair of EPs under the very Courtney Barnett title the Double EP: A Pair of Split Peas. This week, she’s returned with her debut LP, Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit”. Barnett is a storytelling musician in the truest sense. She’s a musician, yes, but a lot of the time, she’s more talking than singing, but the singing voice doesn’t matter, because it’s the words that captivate you. She weaves cleverly, humorous little tales, usually about pretty random events, but her fun sense of humor and dry delivery just pulls you in, and before long, you’re even tapping your toes to the track, which always work pretty well with the words in front of them. The music itself draws some cues from grunge and early garage rock, complete with distorted guitars and simple beats. 2015 is the year of the storytellers, apparently, and Barnett wants you to know she’s pretty good at that.

Watch: Courtney Barnett “Pedestrian at Best”

Score: 8.8
Recommended Track(s): 
“Pedestrian at Best”, “Depreston”, “Dead Fox”, “Debbie Downer”

Other Top Releases for the Week of 3/24/15

Mini Mansions “the Great Pretenders”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.6
Recommended Track(s):
“Creeps”, “Any Emotions”, “Vertigo”, “Mirror Mountain”

Chastity Belt “Time to Go Home”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.3
Recommended Track(s):
“Drone”, “Why Try”, “Joke”

Action Bronson “Mr. Wonderful”

Score: 8.1
Recommended Track(s):
“Brand New Car”, “the Rising”, “Baby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)”

LoneLady “Hinterland”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.8
Recommended Track(s):

the Go! Team “the Scene Between”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“What’d You Say”, “Blowtorch”

Seasick Steve “Sonic Soul Surfer”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“Dog Gonna Play”, “Summertime Boy”

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New Music: San Cisco “Too Much Time Together”

Here’s another incredibly catchy single off the new San Cisco album, Gracetown. Take a listen to “Too Much Time Together”.

Listen: San Cisco “Too Much Time Together”

Music Discovery of the Day for 3/20/15

Today’s Discovery for Friday, March 20, comes out of Berlin by way of Australia. YATES has a clean R&B sound to his voice, but on this new track “Dive” he drops it in to a nice guitar-infused groovy pop track. Should be one to watch out for. Check it out below.

Listen: YATES “Dive”

Music Discovery of the Day for 3/18/15

Today’s Discovery for Wednesday, March 18 comes out of Sydney, Australia. Tigertown is a dream-pop band made up of siblings and they make incredibly catchy electro-pop music. Heading into SxSw off of a tour with Magic Man and Panama Wedding (I knew I’d heard the name before), they’ve just released another potential summer jam (I guess it’s time for those to start popping up) with their new single “Papernote”. Check it out below.

Listen: Tigertown “Papernote”

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!