New Music: Caterpillars “Kenopsia”

Missing that early 2000’s indie rock sound? Dallas’ Caterpillars have released the lead track off their upcoming album, the Wicked and Wonderful, and it’s going to be your new jam. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the new album.


DFWd Hype Project: Jake Paleschic “When It Is Played”

I’ve been meaning to do this one pretty much since I started posting these last week. Jake Paleschic is one of the more intriguing emerging artists in the DFW music scene. His sound blends the feel of traditional American folk music, country and indie rock for a textured, passioned and visceral sound. Today’s track “When It Is Played” is a stirringly beautiful track about the power of a song in a man. Give it a listen below. You can grab the full album (name your own price), Again, At Last, right here.


DFWd Hype Project: Jake Robison “Blue and Trains”

So, Fort Worth has built up a fine community of songwriters who are always there to reach out and help each other and support each other at the various Open Mics and Songwriter Showcases around town. One of the guys in that community is a young man named Jake Robison. While he just plays music on the side of his full-time job, his debut record, Como Mansion, that dropped last year, is a record that really tugs at the heart strings. Today’s featured track is a lovely little song called “Blue and Trains” that makes me cry every damn time. Anyways, grab your tissues and enjoy. You can check out my Better Know An Artist interview with Jake here and go check out the full album here.

New Music: Joe Savage Band “No Fear”

So, Fort Worth has been producing a lot of great nods to old school country, like the other day’s featured artist, Vincent Neil Emerson. Joe Savage is another young man blending old school country and the blues. I haven’t gotten my hands on the full record yet, but what I’ve heard shows Joe’s fantastic songwriting skills and his hearty baritone will definitely bring you some Johnny Cash feels along with it. So, check out “No Fear” below, and look out for Joe around town.

Image Credit: Rattle Media

New Music: Clifffs “Volcano”

The latest record from Clifffs (formerly Cliffs of Insanity), the newest musical project of John Dufilho (formerly of Deathray Davies), Bill, You’re Only Human, dropped on the 11th of June. It’s a fun little indie garage rock record. Very aurally satisfying, so you know if you need a record just to walk down the street bobbing your head to, here you go. You can check out the full record here, and check out “Volcano” below.

New Music: Pageantry “Vicious Wishes”

Check out this groovy new track from Denton’s Pageantry. It’s called “Vicious Wishes” and it’s like Flaming Lips meet New Wave. Pretty freaking cool. It’s the lead track off of their upcoming EP, set for release on July 11 on Southern Heaven Records. The official release show will be at Dan’s Silver Leaf on July 16.


DFWd Hype Project: Vincent Neil Emerson “7 Come 11”

Vincent Neil Emerson was the artist whose show we were at the first time Asa told me “I like that song”, so he’s an artist I’m quite fond of. If he makes the kid happy, he makes me happy. Vincent walks a fine line between old school honky tonk country, western swing and the blues, and there’s no finer example of his sound than one of my favorites (and one of his), “7 Come 11”, named after an unreleased record by one of his idols, Townes Van Zandt. Vincent’s been laying down some recordings at Nile City Sound where Leon Bridges recorded Coming Home. I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot from this young man in the near future. For now, you can catch him playing somewhere most nights with his band, the Old Souls (which includes fellow Fort Worth songwriters Luke McGlathery and Denver Williams). Check out “7 Come 11” below or get the full album here.

You can read my Better Know an Artist interview with Vincent and find out more about “7 Come 11” here.

About the DFWd Hype Project series: Now that AsasRecords is a Hype Machine featured blog, I feel the need to drive some attention to some of the great artists in the metroplex that might be overlooked in the global scene. I decided to start the daily Hype Project series to feature those artists and help me fight the urge to just post a long stream of posts in one day. If you’re not a DFWd local and you dig the track, like it, share it, reblog it, get the word out. We’ve got some great talent here in our area and would love to get them out to your area.