How This All Got Started

My name is Matt, and I’m a music fanatic from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When I’m not working, I enjoy discovering new music, shopping for records and attending live music events (especially festivals). With the arrival of my first child, Asa, in April, I decided it might be cool to try to pick up a record every month for “his” collection. This way, when he’s ready to be exposed to the joy of discovering music and rediscovering old favorites, he’ll already have a nice stash of some solid records to start him out. Anyways, to choose records became quite the task, as I basically just started listening to most anything that had a decent review. I ended up pouring those records into ranked lists each month and passing those onto some of my friends, who really enjoyed some of my discoveries, and with the new year arriving, I decided to turn that research into this blog. I don’t have quite the extensive knowledge of some music bloggers on other sites, so I’ll try not to come off too pretentious. These are music reviews for slightly hip music fans from a slightly hip music fan. So here you are, and I hope you enjoy the journey. Asa will be listening (eventually).

Honestly, I haven’t been able to do as much listening as I would like to keep up full monthly lists, but I do listen to enough to make an educated pick for each month, which you’ll see added to the Asa’s Record Selections page early the next month. I managed to compile my top 100 records in 2015, and hopefully, I can keep listening enough to compile a list for next year.

Some features I’ve decided to do on the site are:


Music Discovery of the Day: A new(ish) track by an artist that’s new to me today. I haven’t been listening as much lately, but I try to pop these up when I get a chance.

Better Know An Artist: A set list of questions sent out to some of my favorite artists in the DFW scene. These are posted once a week on Monday mornings, and often focus on artists with shows or albums coming up, so be sure to check them out every Monday.

Top Shows Coming to Town: My picks for the top 10 shows coming to the DFW area for the coming week. I’ve been a bit inconsistent on these, but I’m trying to do better about them. I post these on Thursdays.

Enjoy and Happy Listening!


3 thoughts on “How This All Got Started”

  1. Tremendous idea! Love everything about your efforts here for Asa’s musical journey. A true sign of good parenting. Hands down. I wish more parents would have done that with my generation like my Mom and Dad did when It was growing up. Made me a more soulful person for sure. Keep at it!


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