About Me

So you want to know about me, and how I came to be the music nerd I am. I guess it would help to explain what you’re getting yourself into by following this little music blog and why I share what I do, and don’t what I don’t.

I was actually pretty late to the game on the indie rock scene. I grew up listening to country music and the oldies stations, and it actually has probably shaped some of my listening habits, as I do tend to over appreciate Americana artists and artists who make throwback records. I assume some of that ties to my upbringing. As a youngster, I was a big fan of Mr. Willie Nelson (who my wife and I finally saw live a few years back). I’m told I used to hear him come on the radio and I’d turn to my dad and say “Who dat playin’, daddy? Is dat Widdie?” Adorable, yes, but what can I say, Willie is the man.

Early in my teens, I started listening to alternative radio, and got into standard alternative pop rock and grunge. I went through my punk phase in high school/early college, listening to lots of late 90’s/early ’00’s pop-punk and even sang in a few bands. Finally, in college, after a few years of feeling around, I realized music was my love, and changed my major. With great instructors and some great friends, I was introduced to all sorts of new music and outlets, and just kept digging myself further down the wormhole.

As a reference for my tastes, I’d say some of my favorite albums are Radiohead’s Ok Computer, Weezer’s Blue Album, the Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, the Foo Fighters Colour and the Shape, Sigur Ros’s (), and the White Stripes’ Elephant. There’s a little bit of variety, but I think they’re mostly from those formative years in the mid-to-late 90’s and early ’00s.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get myself more immersed in the local scene. The Dallas/Fort Worth music scene has been on fire the last few years, with all sorts of talented artists starting to churn up, so you’ll notice a lot more emphasis on local talent, be it in the Top Shows Coming to Town or in my reviews, and I’m always looking for some great talent for the Better Know An Artist series.

I hope you keep listening and enjoy what I’ve got to share with you. Thanks for being you.


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