DFWd Hype Project: Andy Pickett “It Happens

One of the most recognizable faces in the Fort Worth music scene, Andy Pickett, fought back against stage fright to reveal his musical side to us all last year. His debut record, It Happens Every Night, introduces some natural pop sensibilities that hearken back to folks like Billy Joel, Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson. The album’s title track is one of the toe-tappingest, sing-alongiest tracks to drop in town for a while. He’s a  good dude with good things ahead of him. Andy has been running down to Austin every few months this year to work on his sophomore record with James Petralli (of White Denim), so expect to hear some new material (and more buzz) pretty soon, but for now, enjoy this little gem. You can pick up the full album here.

About the DFWd Hype Project series: Now that AsasRecords is a Hype Machine featured blog, I feel the need to drive some attention to some of the great artists in the metroplex that might be overlooked in the global scene. I decided to start the daily Hype Project series to feature those artists and help me fight the urge to just post a long stream of posts in one day. If you’re not a DFWd local and you dig the track, like it, share it, reblog it, get the word out. We’ve got some great talent here in our area and would love to get them out to your area.


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