DFWd Hype Project: Vodeo “Pillow Talking”

So, if you’re not from Fort Worth, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of our favorite yacht rock sons, Vodeo. If you are from Fort Worth, you know them as the guys that racked up pretty much all of the Fort Worth Weekly Music Award nominations. Now that we’re officially into summer, I figure their summery goodness is the perfect sound to start off this series. Down below, you can take a listen to the smooth grooving sounds of Vodeo’s “Pillow Talking”, complete with new music video. You can jam it on repeat this summer and go check out more of that good good here.

You can read my Better Know an Artist interview with the boys from Vodeo here.

About the DFWd Hype Project series: Now that AsasRecords is a Hype Machine featured blog, I feel the need to drive some attention to some of the great artists in the metroplex that might be overlooked in the global scene. I decided to start the daily Hype Project series to feature those artists and help me fight the urge to just post a long stream of posts in one day. If you’re not a DFWd local and you dig the track, like it, share it, reblog it, get the word out. We’ve got some great talent here in our area and would love to get them out to your area.


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