Granada Theater Announces “Free Week” July 18-24

The Granada Theater has paired up with KXT and the Dallas Observer to bring about a week of free shows at one of the city’s favorite venues. The free shows will run July 18 through the 24th and will be offered on a first come-first serve basis. Also available for you line-skippers, $5  gets you in the door with a beer in your hand (on sale Fri, May 20).

The Schedule?

Tuesday, July 19th
Quiet Company
the Azalea Project

Wednesday, July 20th
the Octopus Project
Son of Stan

Thursday, July 21st
Vaden Todd Lewis (of the Toadies)
Amber Ferris (of Somebody’s Darling)
Brent Best (of Slobberbone)

Friday, July 22nd
Cory Morrow
Driving N Cryin
the Vandoliers

Saturday, July 23rd
Roky Erickson
Natural Anthem
Moon Waves

Sunday, July 24th
Quaker City Night Hawks
Dead Flowers
Oil Boom


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