Stuff I Dug (5/12/15)

The Stuff I Dug Playlist is where I dump all the songs I liked recently but didn’t get to write a post about.  I haven’t had a chance to post one of these for a while, so this is everything I’ve gotten around to in the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy:

This list’s inclusions:

Yes You “Even When (ft Noah Slee & LDRU)”
Mark Johns “All Day”
Sameblod “My Fortune”
Princess Chelsea “Too Many People”
Misun “Justice”
Oh Wonder “Livewire”
HUNTAR “Loneliest Feeling”
Fakear “Asakusa”
Rexx “Everything Brings Me to You”
Mt Wolf “VIII ft Alexa Harley (JMAC Remix)
Zilla “Elders (Ft Sute)”
Roosevelt “Night Moves”
Yonas Michael “South Pacific”
Auram “Windrush (ft Wren)”
Spire “Girls”
Eternal Summers “Come Alive”
Lusts “Temptation”

That’s it for this week, check out the playlist and enjoy!


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