Top Records for May 2015

My rankings and scores for my top 20 records I listened to in May 2015
1 Torres “Sprinter” 8.6
2 Shamir “Ratchet” 8.5
3 Patrick Watson “Love Songs for Robots” 8.4
4 Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear “Skeleton Crew” 8.3
5 Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Multi-Love” 8.3
6 Mikal Cronin “MCIII” 8.2
7 Oddisee “the Good Fight” 8.2
8 Hop Along “Painted Shut” 8.2
9 Twenty One Pilots “Blurryface” 8.1
10 Crocodiles “Boy” 8.0
11 Tallest Man on Earth “Dark Bird is Home”8.0
12 Brandon Flowers “the Desired Effect” 8.0
13 Other Lives “Rituals” 8.0
14 Vanbot “Perfect Storm” 7.9
15 Hot Chip “Why Make Sense?” 7.9
16 My Morning Jacket “the Waterfall” 7.8
17 the Vaccines “English Graffiti” 7.7
18 Django Django “Born Under Saturn” 7.7
19 Kopecky “Drug for the Modern Age” 7.6
20 Joanna Gruesome “Peanut Butter” 7.6

Happy Listening!


Top Record for the Week of 5/26/15

I didn’t score a lot of releases for this week, so I’m gonna throw in a couple I missed while listening to the smorgasbord of releases last week.

This week’s top record:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Multi-Love”

Get It On Vinyl

So this one isn’t actually the highest rated album in the report this week, that’s Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, but that one came out last week, and didn’t finish ahead of Shamir, so we’ll go with this one. Unknown Mortal Orchestra are one of my favorite lesser-known indie rock bands, as they can write some downright great songs. They deliver some of those here (see the featured tracks below), but what the album lacks to me is consistency. Sometimes, they just drift a little too much into the weird. So while, this album isn’t super accessible, there’s still some strong tracks to be had. Either way, I’m still digging on it. Best of the month is ready for this weekend’s release, and I’m working on some festival previews, so keep an eye out.

Listen: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”

Score: 8.3
Recommended Track(s): 
“Multi-Love”, “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”, “Stage or Screen”, “Puzzles”

Other Top Releases for the Week of 5/26/15 (5/19 releases marked with an asterisk)

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear “Skeleton Crew”*

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.3
Recommended Track(s):
“Silent Movies”, “Dead Daffodils”, “Whole Lotta Problems”

the Vaccines “English Graffiti”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.7
Recommended Track(s):
“Dream Lover”, “Minimal Affection”, “All Afternoon (In Love)”

Cheerleader “the Sunshine of Your Youth”*

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“New Daze”, “Sunshine of Your Youth”, “Perfect Vision”

Kopecky “Drug for the Modern Age”*

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“Die Young”, “My Love”, “Quarterback”, “Talk to Me”

That’s all for this week.

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!

Top Shows Coming to Town for 5/29/15-6/4/15

There’s a few shows I didn’t already know about here. I think I’m going to start pulling the lists directly from the venues, so I don’t miss any. I think I’ve missed a few I shouldn’t have in the last few weeks, just relying on concert schedule sites. Anyways, as you can tell by my list this week, I’m not a parrothead. This is the 2nd time Buffett’s come through in which his opening act would have rated higher with me if they came through on their own.

1 George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic @ House of Blues (Dallas) Fri 5/29/15

Here’s one I totally didn’t know about until last week that I probably would have bitten on if I’d seen it sooner. I suspect the funk legends will put on a pretty fun show.

2 Steve Miller Band w/ Jimmie Vaughan @ Verizon Theatre (Grand Prairie) Mon 6/1/15

I think there are cheap seats available out there if you’re interested in flying like an eagle with Steve Miller and Stevie Ray’s brother.

3 Jimmy Buffett w/ Huey Lewis and the News @ Toyota Stadium (Frisco) Sat 5/30/15

Send all hate mail to: Margaritaville Cheeseburger Stand, Paradise, USA, 12345

4 Train/the Fray/Matt Nathanson @ Gexa Energy Pavilion (Dallas) Fri 5/29/15

Man, there’s gonna be so many moms around my age at this show, if you’re into that kinda thing.

5 Action Bronson @ House of Blues (Dallas) Mon 6/1/15

the New York rapper tours in support of his new record, Mr Wonderful, and something always goes down at his shows.

6 KEGL BFD @ Gexa Energy Pavilion (Dallas) Sun 5/31/15

Spend your Sunday at the altar of rock with Rob Zombie and Breaking Benjamin. Burn through the witches?

7 Burning Bubba Festival @ Billy Bob’s (Fort Worth) Sat 5/30/15

Whiskey Myers, Black Stone Cherry, Holy Moly, Honky, Rival Sons. How in the hell did I not know Rival Sons was gonna be in MY town this week? I’ve got to get on more mailing lists.

8 Diarrhea Planet @ Three Links (Deep Ellum) Thurs 6/4/15

the (serious?) band with the funny name comes through Deep Ellum. I mean, I guess you’ll be talking about them, right?

9 Junior Brown @ Granada Theater (Lower Greenville) Fri 5/29/15

I’m always tempted to go check out his show when he frequents the Granada, if just to hear “Highway Patrol”

10 the Rentals/Radiation City/Rey Pila @ Club Dada (Deep Ellum) Fri 5/29/15

Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp’s band headlines, and I also saw a few solid write ups from Coachella about opener Rey Pila.

Also in town this week: 5/29 Geographer/Idlehands/Empires @ Trees, 5/30 Royal Thunder @ Club Dada, J Charles and the Trainrobbers @ the Foundry Bar, Doug Burr @ Paschall Bar (Denton), Cracker/Whiskey Gentry @ Gas Monkey, 6/1 Northern Faces @ Three Links, Tech N9ne @ Gas Monkey, 6/4 Sam Prekop @ Club Dada, the Story So Far @ the Door

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!

Stuff I Dug (5/23/15)

The Stuff I Dug Playlist is where I dump all the songs I liked recently but didn’t get to write a post about.  I apparently didn’t find much to dig this week. Consider it an EP.

This list’s inclusions:
Briana Marela “Surrender”
Dornik “Drive”
Magic Potion “Booored”
La Lenguas “Love You All the Time”
Samm Henshaw “Better”
Rivver “Am I OK (ft Milk & Bone)”

Samm Henshaw officially got added to me artists I need to see live list, as this is his 3rd or 4th appearance on the site. Incredible vocalist.

That’s it for this week, check out the playlist and enjoy!

Music Discovery of the Day for 5/22/15

Today’s Discovery for Friday, May 22 comes out of Fayetteville, AR. Move Orchestra is a 3 piece band of brothers, who make music based on film. Thus, the music has a wonderful film-score-ish sound. This particular track, “Apex”, I think I glossed over a few days ago, b/c of the 7 minute length, when I was in a hurry, but now that I’ve given a listen, and found the strong Radiohead feel to the music, I’ll definitely be back for more. Check out “Apex” below. It’s pretty amazing.

Listen: Move Orchestra “Apex”

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!

Top Record for the Week of 5/19/15

This week’s records were sending me back to my high school and college years, for sure.

This week’s top record:

Shamir “Ratchet”

Get It On Vinyl

Shamir Bailey is a 20-year old singer/songwriter from Las Vegas with an innate knack for crafting delicious dance pop songs. Ratchet is built on synth, owing huge debts to 90’s house, and being as I’m not a big house music guy, I imagine the Spring Break parties on MTV when I was in high school, if the music had actually been good. Bailey was drumming a lot of buzz at South By Southwest this year, so look to be hearing a lot from him in the near future.

Watch: Shamir “On the Regular”

Score: 8.5
Recommended Track(s): 
“Vegas”, “On the Regular”, “Demon”, “Head in the Clouds”

Other Top Releases for the Week of 5/19/15

Twenty One Pilots “Blurryface”

Not Cool Enough for Vinyl, Get It On CD?
Score: 8.1
Recommended Track(s):
“Heavydirtysoul”, “Fairly Local”, “the Judge”

Brandon Flowers “the Desired Effect”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.0
Recommended Track(s):
“Can’t Deny My Love”, “Dreams Come True”, “Between Me and You”, “Lonely Town”

Hot Chip “Why Make Sense?”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.9
Recommended Track(s):
“Love is the Future”, “Cry For You”, “Dark Night”

Joanna Gruesome “Peanut Butter”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“Last Year”, “Honestly Do Yr Worst”

That’s all for this week.

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!

Top Shows Coming to Town for 5/22/15-5/28/15

I kind of feel like this is a bit of a slow week, but it’ll do. Also, the Levitt Pavilion schedule kicks off this week.

1 Neil Diamond @ American Airlines Center (Dallas) Thurs 5/28/15

Ba-Ba-Ba! So Good! So Good! So Good! and scene……

2 Slash @ Southside Ballroom (Dallas) Sun 5/24/15

We saw Slash opening for Aerosmith, but it would be nice to see a full set. It was great to hear some of the classics again.

3 Hayes Carll @ Levitt Pavilion (Arlington) Fri 5/22/15

One of Texas’s favorite young story-tellers. Get there early, as the first Levitt show of the year is generally packed.

4 Purity Ring @ Bomb Factory (Deep Ellum) Fri 5/22/15

The Canadian dream pop duo hit Deep Ellum in support of their recent output, another eternity.

5 Earl Sweatshirt @ South Side Music Hall (Dallas) Fri 5/22/15

The Odd Future alum makes an appearance in support of the critically acclaimed I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.

6 Wolf Alice @ Club Dada (Deep Ellum) Sat 5/23/15

An emerging buzzworthy indie rock band out of London

7 Ciara @ House of Blues (Dallas) Fri 5/22/15

Ciara brings all her goodies to House of Blues.

8 Swon Brothers @ Billy Bob’s (Fort Worth) Fri 5/22/15

the Swon Brothers might be my favorite of Blake’s country acts on the Voice. Craig Wayne Boyd doesn’t count, cuz I’m pissed off that he didn’t let him transition to the Southern Rock sound that his voice was much better suited for.

9 Alejandro Escovedo @ Kessler Theater (Oak Cliff) Fri 5/22/15

Hard rockin’ Austin singer-songwriter.

10 Todd Rundgren @ Prophet Bar (Deep Ellum) Weds 5/27/15

Iconic songwriter/producer from the 70’s and 80’s.

Also in town this week: Soul Asylum @ Levitt Pavilion, Volbeat @ Verizon Theatre, Milkdrive @ Live Oak Music Hall, Kopecky @ Live Oak Music Hall, Sam Riggs & the Night People @ Billy Bob’s, Agent Orange @ Trees, 10 Years @ Rockin’ Rodeo

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so……

Get out there and see some shows!