Throwback Thursday: Passion Pit “Sleepyhead”

So, Passion Pit released their 3rd album, Kindred, this week. I was somewhat disappointed with it, but I did give it a better rating than its average. Their debut album, Manners, is on my list of favorite albums, probably mostly for personal reasons. Passion Pit was the first concert that my wife and I went to as a couple when we were dating, and also the last concert we went to before we got married. The consistency of that first album of saccharine sweet, bubbly pop tracks with those signature Michael Angelakos’ falsettos really made it something special, and I don’t think Michael’s been able to match that consistency across an album since. So, in honor of this week’s release, and as celebration of one of my favorite albums, today’s throwback Thursday track is “Sleepyhead”, Passion Pit’s first ever single. Flashback and enjoy!

Listen: Passion Pit “Sleepyhead”


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