Introducing: Halsey

Seeing as the blog reviews are a way of selecting records for my son’s collection, I don’t generally include EP’s in my reviews. That being said, there’ve been a few solid EP’s out in recent weeks, so I figured I’d recap on some of those, as they mark some pretty important emerging artists.

A few years back, a few tracks hit indie radio and Pitchfork’s best new music lists by an emerging band out of Glasgow with a funny name. “Recover” and “the Mother We Share” blew up the radio all year, and were soon featured on the “Recover EP” which led to more hype for the band. I’m speaking of course of CHVRCHES, who blew up the scene back in 2013 heading into their debut album the Bones of What You Believe. After hearing those first 2 tracks, I got tickets to go see them at the 800 butt Granada Theater on their tour ahead of the record, and told my wife we needed to see them before they blow up. She fell and had to have knee surgery a couple weeks before, and had to go in a wheelchair, but says she’s still glad she got to see them in a more intimate venue, rather than cramming in a crowded park for a festival headlining gig.

All this is not to say that Halsey is on her way to becoming CHVRCHES, but her debut EP Room 93 is a solid and impressive collection of pop tracks that are certainly ready for mainstream airplay, and CHVRCHES are a prime example of how fast a solid act can go from one EP to killing it in the mainstream. Halsey crafts some pretty epic pop tracks, with her lush, tender vocals layered on top. Her music seems to bend in and out of genres with touches in rock, blues, r&b and pop.

Halsey is making a few festival appearances (Shaky Knees, Hangout and Boston Calling) next month (not to mention Lollapalooza in August), before heading out on a massive arena tour with Imagine Dragons and Metric, so maybe I’m too late to get you into that intimate show I got for CHVRCHES, but still, she’s a name to watch out for and definitely keep an ear open for.

Listen: Halsey “Hurricane”


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