Stuff I Dug (4/14/15)

The Stuff I Dug Playlist is where I dump all the songs I liked recently but didn’t get to write a post about.

Check it out below and I hope you enjoy:

This list’s inclusions:

Aimee deBeer “Oblivion”
Cannons “Body Talk”
Beach Day “Love is Strange”
Mew “Witness”
Mura Masa “1. Are You There”
Tandem Felix “Waiting in the Wings”
Ratatat “Cream on Chrome”
MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg “Something Good”
Said the Sky “Darling (ft Missio)”
Cappa “In the Morning”
Cape Lion “Called You Mine”
Billie Marten “Heavy Weather”
Life in Film “Alleyway”
Jones “Indulge”
Noosa “Halo”
Waterstrider “Passing Ships”
Props to Music Unmasked
Twin Peaks “Got Your Money”
Night Beds “Tide Teeth”
Samm Henshaw “Redemption”
Props to VoxPop


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