Music Discovery of the Day for 4/13/15

Today’s Discovery for Monday, April 13 hails from the Big Apple. Born in Encinitas, CA, Ryn Weaver (nee Erin Michelle Wuthrich), apparently first caught the music world’s (but apparently not my) attention with her debut single, “OctaHate” back in June of last year. I, having just discovered her, first heard her with her latest release, “the Fool”, which is the title track of her upcoming album. Since the explosion of “OctaHate”, Weaver has been working with some pretty household names, such as producer Benny Blanco, Charli XCX, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and Cher Lloyd. At some times, her voice is reminiscent of Florence Welch to me, while I can definitely tell how she got Charli XCX’s (one of my favorite pop divas right now) attention, and the track itself often has a Passion Pit feel. With all the influences pulled in together, this is a hot track. Check out the new track, “the Fool” and preorder the EP (due for release June 16) of the same name below.

Listen: Ryn Weaver “the Fool”

Pre-order Mp3

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!


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