Stuff I Dug (3/28/15)

The Stuff I Dug Playlist is where I dump all the songs I liked recently but didn’t write a post about. It also gives me a chance to give some props to some of the other excellent WordPressers sharing music out there.


This list’s inclusions:

Lone Coast “Stay Awake” Props to Alfitude
Josef Salvat “Every Night”
Gold Spectacles “Steal You Away”
Beauville “Letting In”
Thief “Crazy”
Lili Grace “the Spell”
MYAMI “Soldier”
Py. “Sealion”
Broken Back “Happiest Man on Earth”
Only Real “Cadillac Girl”
Femme “S.O.S.”
Talk in Tongues “While Everyone Was Waiting”
Eskimeaux “Broken Necks”
Kid Astray “It’s Alright”
Great Good Fine Ok “Carried Away”
Golden Coast “Break My Fall”
the Yetis “Mysterion”
Yukon Blonde “Saturday Night”
Broken Luxury “Block the Wind”


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