Levitt Pavilion Arlington Announces Summer Schedule

This one’s for my DFW readers. The Levitt Pavilion in Arlington has announced their summer schedule. If you weren’t already aware of this series, the Levitt is an outdoor music space across from City Hall in Arlington (100 W Abram St) that features free events Thurs-Sun (plus some Weds shows that are targeted for the kids) during the Summer and Fall months. This year’s lineup is stacked with some great Texas artists and local talent. It’s a great time to get out with your family, grab some drinks and food, throw out a blanket and listen to some great tunes. We’ll probably venture out a few times this season. Anyways, here’s the lineup.

May 22: Hayes Carll; Graham Wilkinson (8:30, 7:00 pm)
May 23: Soul Asylum; Brandy Zdan; Taylor Craig Mills (8:30, 7:00, 5:30 pm)
May 24: Charlie Robison; Bri Bagwell; Jesse Jennings (8:30, 7:00, 5:30 pm)
May 28: the Suffers (8:00 pm)
May 29: Spoonfed Tribe (8:00 pm)
May 30: the Dirty River Boys (8:00 pm)
May 31: the Quebe Sisters (8:00 pm)
Jun 4: Los Texmaniacs (8:00 pm)
Jun 5: Charla Corn (8:00 pm)
Jun 6: MarchFourth! (8:00 pm)
Jun 7: Trout Fishing in America (8:00 pm)
Jun 10: Aaron Nigel Smith (7:30 pm)
Jun 11: the Jones Family Singers (8:00 pm)
Jun 12: Sarah Jaffe (8:00 pm)
Jun 13: Rich Robinson; the Record Company (8:45, 8:00 pm)
Jun 14: Kaylee Rutland (8:00 pm)
Jun 17: Terrance Simien & Creole for Kidz (7:30 pm)
Jun 18: the Roomsounds (8:00 pm)
Jun 19: Hudson Moore (8:00 pm)
Jun 20: Black Violin (8:00 pm)
Jun 21: Gedeon Luke & the People (8:00 pm)
Jun 24 Vocal Trash (7:30 pm)
Jun 25: the Royal Southern Brotherhood (8:00 pm)
Jun 26: Larry (G)ee (8:00 pm)
Jun 27: Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros (8:00 pm)
Jun 28: the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra (8:00 pm)
Jul 1: Sara Hickman (7:30 pm)
Jul 2: the Statesboro Revue (8:00 pm)
Jul 3: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Bluegrass Band; Brad Thompson (8:45, 7:30 pm)
Jul 5: the Band of Heathens (8:30 pm)
Jul 8: Joel Laviolette & Rattletree Marimba (7:30 pm)
Jul 9: Matt the Electrician; Bettysoo (9:30, 8:30 pm)
Jul 10: the O’s (8:30 pm)
Jul 11: Ray Wylie Hubbard (8:30 pm)
Jul 12: Jamestown Revival (8:30 pm)

I’d highly recommend the following:
Hayes Carll (great songwriter/storyteller, opening night, so it’ll be crowded. Get there early)
the Suffers (excellent Soul group out of Houston)
the Dirty River Boys (Funk-rock band out of El Paso put on a fun show)
the Roomsounds (Bluesy rock fueled from the classics)
Sarah Jaffe (one of our favorite local artists. definitely one to catch if you haven’t yet. Fantastic Singer Songwriter)
Hudson Moore (Alt-country up-and-comer from Funkytown)
Gedeon Luke & the People (Funky soul crooner)
the Royal Southern Brotherhood (Group includes Cyril Neville and Stevie Ray’s nephew on guitar)
Larry (G)ee (Show stopping soul singer out of Dallas, former front man for the band Odis)
Statesboro Revue (Timeless, old school roots rock duo)
Betty Soo & Matt the Electrician (a pair of excellent artists out of Austin)
the O’s (a laid back and hilarious pair of guys playing great Americana music)
Ray Wylie Hubbard (one of Texas’s great storytellers)
Jamestown Revival (up and coming band out of the small town of Magnolia, Texas)


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