Top Record for the Week of 3/17/15

Quite a few good ones this week. Tobias Jesso, Jr’s record is slotted in my top 5 for the year so far, but this week’s winner is what you might have expected, because I’m sure you were just waiting all week to hear what this 30-something white guy has to say about the latest from the new king of hip-hop. Well, here goes. This week’s Top Record of the Week:

Kendrick Lamar “To Pimp a Butterfly”

Get It On CD (Sorry, No Vinyl This Week)

Kendrick Lamar has built quite the name for himself in a short matter of the time. A tremendous technical rapper and a ferocious live performer, Lamar has taken the world by storm. His last album Good Kid: M.A.A.D. Citywas Pitchfork’s Album of the Year a few years back and To Pimp a Butterfly has the potential to do it again. The reason I personally enjoy Kendrick’s music is that he throw it back to the old school, when rap was about your community (this record’s about hood politics and what it’s like to be black in America) and the music itself carries live instruments and well chosen samples. Lamar raps about where he comes from and where we’re headed. Too much of hip hop is about what I’ve got and talking smack about your peers. Lamar keeps most of that to a minimum and sticks to what’s important (although there is a good amount of derogatory talk towards women, but I think you can’t avoid it. (I won’t actually be getting this for Asa, b/c of this though). All in all, this is a hell of an album, and rightfully lands itself in the hip hop canon.

Watch: Kendrick Lamar “the Blacker the Berry”

Score: 9.1
Recommended Track(s): 
“King Kunta”, “Alright”, “the Blacker the Berry”

Other Top Releases for the Week of 3/17/15

Tobias Jesso Jr “Goon”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.5
Recommended Track(s):
“Without You”, “Hollywood”, “Bad Words”, “Just a Dream”

Houndmouth “Little Neon Limelight”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.3
Recommended Track(s):
“Sedona”, “15 Years”, “My Cousin Greg”

the Monochrome Set “Spaces Everywhere”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 8.0
Recommended Track(s):
“Avenue”, “Rain Check”

Marina & the Diamonds “Froot”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.7
Recommended Track(s):
“I’m a Ruin”, “Blue”, “Gold”

Mark Knopfler “Tracker”

Get It On Vinyl
Score: 7.6
Recommended Track(s):
“Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes”, “River Towns”

Enjoy and Keep Exploring!


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