Update: Jack White to Billy Bob’s Tilt Campaign Successful

The Fort Worth honky-tonk institution, Billy Bob’s, is currently running a Tilt campaign to entice Jack White to play the famed venue. For a $50 contribution, you can lock in your ticket (if it tilts) and show Jack some love.

Head to http://tilt.tc/75JD for more information.

My wife and I have occasionally brought up the discussion of artists that we would want to go see every time they came to town (like some do for Springsteen, U2, Dave, etc) and the main ones that came to mind were McCartney, Radiohead (who I think have only been through the Metroplex once or twice in the last decade), and Jack White. Dude has a ridiculous catalog and is a fabulous performer.

Let’s make this happen!


Update: The campaign officially tilted around 2:30 today (3/8). If you contributed, there will be more updates to come later from Billy Bob’s. If you missed out, I’m sure some of the contributors were probably brokers or won’t be able to attend on the date selected, so there may be options on the secondary market, although probably not at the same price point. I’ll see you there.


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